Misja Vorstermans is one of Amsterdam’s best – known and respected bartenders thanks to his high profile as the Cocktail Trainer and his colourful career mixing cocktails and training barstaff for the capital’s trendsetters and style leaders.

At age 14 he served his first beer at his sisters bar. A customer demanded that a man poured his drink. Being the only “ man “ in the bar Misja did his best and so started his career as a bartender.
Misja finished his study at the university for physical education where he specialized himself in teambuilding. After his study he’s been teaching sports to kids in juvenile prison for over 2 years and organized teambuilding events for companies. Skills that helped him later in his career. But in the weekends Misja was always found behind the bars of Amsterdams most trendy bar serving drinks to happy customers.

Misja received his initial cocktail training in 1998 at the High End Club Restaurant & cocktail bar Vakzuid in the Amsterdam old Olympic Stadium. After 3 year of Barmanagment and cocktail shaking at Vakzuid he joined up with Ricardo Sporkslede and Tal Nadari to form The Fabulous Shakerboys.

Misja’s teaching studies gave him the skills required to set up The Fabulous Cocktail Academy and trained many bartenders and cocktail afficionado’s the in & outs of making cocktails.

After 8 years Misja was ready for a new adventure. He started Global Bartending in 2009, a company that focuses on training and high-end events In 2012 he started ISAAC Company together with Fjalar Goud., a creative and consultancy company. He continues to write columns and is seen making guests appearances on radio & tv.